Chapter 52: The End of the Battle

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The Deputy Director of the 7th Research Institute, Brian, ignored the intention of the company, and soldiers using the monster avatar weapons, the secret beta testers, were exposed beyond safe values, and almost all of the monster avatars were used up in the battlefield of the other world.

The result after the battle, a large number of soldiers, annihilated by the massive cryogenic fog attack, suffered mental failure, and Brian was admitted to the annexed isolation ward.

Brian, the one who incited it all, received excessive recoil from the VR device usage, and wounds from the past suddenly suffered serious deterioration losing both arms and eyes, so he was taken to a special isolation ward with signs of mental derangement.

「Well then, please and thank you for your care, Audrey-kun」 (TL: yoroshiku tanomu yo)

「Haa ...」

Audrey, a senior researcher who was tentatively acting as Secretary of Deputy Director, replaced Bryan who was sent to the hospital.

Although in her late twenties and still young, she was familiar with the contents of this experiment and the research site.

And above all, witnessing Brian's terrible spectacle, the fact that most of the candidates were afraid and refused greatly worked in her favor, so she was chosen.

About six months later, the director, looking like an old man who will spend the rest of his days playing golf, came to the research laboratory, gave Audrey his resignation, and went back home. (TL: not 100% on this line's translation)

Audrey had almost full power at the 7th Research Institute as Deputy Director, but as a matter of fact, the outlook was quite dark.

The destruction of an important source of mana, the 【sapplings of the world tree】.

Instead of stopping it, we ran home defeated from the encounter, and as it is, there may be trouble for the monster avatar development of the seventh laboratory.

「...It can't be helped, huh?」

I did not want to do as a researcher, but decided to allocate part of the project content to others.

In a word, what we do at the seventh laboratory was refocused down to the development of the monster avatar weapons, and the development of the magical weapons, which expanded through Brian's capability, and the capture of the culprit rabbit beastman were to be handed over to the 4th Research Institute, which originally had a main job in weapons development.

「Even if Brian was forced to give up, what is it, this is easy. His turf has a power level greater than 10,000 dragons in that world, because it is assumed that there is an enemy of that degree. Well, you'll be looking at our prowess in weapons development. 」 (TL: not 100% on this line's translation)

A small fat man who was receiving data looks down on Audrey.

The Deputy Director of the Fourth Laboratory, which was deprived of developing the magic weapons, when we took over, he stated a lot of disagreement, in fact, it is so true that there is no denying it.

But more importantly to Audrey, particularly the 『Capture of a rabbit beast girl』 at least, I really wanted to give that to other research institutes.

In the fourth laboratory taking data wildly, researchers from the 7th Research Institute complained less than expected.

Everyone, like Audrey, those who have felt the bloodlust of 『White Rabbit girl』 even if mearly a moment in real time, nobody thought they could win against her.


On the Yggdrasia World MMORPG VR chat board, the other day's 『Bunny-chan capture operation』 event was the hottest topic.

『I participated! But was insta killed!』

『Bunny-chan is too strong!』

『Even though I have rank 5 shield-class, my head was blown off with a single shot from her palm, why is that!?』

『Got into it at the start, did you! No way, if you have a shield job, have a shield ready.』

『Bunny-chan was too merciless and it was censored full of mosaics.』

『A lot of spiders came out there, what was that? Not subordinates of the Evil Lord Bunny-chan-sama?』 (TL: Maō banī-chan-sama)

『They were fighting, Bunny-chan's enemy power level, huh. Details are unknown, but there were 50 bodies with power level of 4000 like Wyvern or sub-dragon . Weren't they pouring into battle with Bunny-chan?』

『No way, it was an event, wasn't it an event that Bunny-chan becomes 【Evil Lord】?』

『If so, with the destruction of the whole last city too, was in order to show the player side that the Evil Lord is evil and an impression as being the last boss?』

『No way, on the contrary, how do you increase the number of fans? Management.』

『Aaah, as expected, I want to buy a figurine even if I'll owe my parents more debt!』

『The adult version and the child version, I was not able to buy both.』

『Buy it at the auction. I'm going to be reselling mine at 10 times the price.』

『Bunny is a pounding powerhouse at every event, but what happened to power level analysis?』

『As usual, I can not picture the power level of Bunny-chan, as a result of analyzing the battle with that spider, the total power level is over 20,000 at the very least.』

『As expected, Evil Lord Bunny-chan-sama. (TL: Sasuga, Ains maō banī-chan-sama) After that though, there was that awakening of the Evil Lord, but is there a possibility that it is rising further?』

『How do you beat it? I have two combat skills at level 5, but my final combined power level is just over 1000.』

『If it's the last boss, is it expected for you to keep up until you reach rank 10? Is there an official announcement if skill level 6 is unlocked?』

『Unlike other games, there is really only one Evil Lord, so they do not want it to be easily defeated.』

『Such a thing, even if it can be defeated, I guess it's not handicapped.』

『That's why it's strong. Probably won't we be fighting with thousands of players in like a raid?』

『Wow… Such number of people in a location, I wonder if It can be rendered.』

『More than combat power, Bunny-chan's special abilities are over the top, I can't picture us winning.』(TL: "winning image can't float", I've never heard that one before.)

『The cryogenic fog is troublesome but somehow manageable. I know I am weak in wind magic, but if you take care, you will not die immediately. Probably.』

『You're the guy that died when palm came at you, right? What about that? The magic fails then.』

『I said various things, but it is a no chance operation if you hear me.』

『Don't both magic and warfare fail! ? How do you win? Such a thing!』

『Ra-rank, if you get rank 10...』

『Excuse me, how do I join into the Evil Lord's army?』



Openning the line to return to the world tree, I finally settled down.

Even though I have not changed in any way, inside of me I feel that something fundamental was replaced.

I understand somehow. At the center of my way of thinking, I felt my category as 『Human』 was replaced by 『something else』. Perhaps, at that time I had become a true 『demon』.

I think that appearance at that time is its manifestation. Ah well well, if that was the case, I thought it would become bothersome to enter a human village, but when I calmed down, the pure white skin and white eyes returned to original with bright red eyes.

That appearance will be my 『demon』 form, yes.

I was until now that other thing, 『Human』, and just saying this alone, I haven't been thoughtlessly killing, but in that category the 『restriction』 is gone, there is no reason to hesitate now.

Of course, it does not mean that there is no hesitation to killing human children and so on.

I find puppies and kittens adorable, but for a group of attacking wild dogs, exterminating the nests is sensibly unchanged.

In short for me 『Humans』 are a group of animals, they have become no different an existance from a settlement of goblins.

So if you are friendly in contact, even a Kobold will reach out, but if you are a nuisance, exterminate the hive like human settlements do.

However, I do not just imitate attacking a beehive for the purpose of honey.

Because almost nothing is gained by defeating an ordinary person.

【Shedy】 【Race: Bunny Girl】 【Archdemon Lv. 10】
・The rabbit demon of Laplace. Trickster and guide of man’s fate.
【Magic Points: 56,000/56,000】
【Total Combat Power: 61,600/61,600】
【Unique Skill: 《Causality Alteration》 《Cyber-Manipulation》 《Absorption》 《Materialization》】 
【Racial Skill: 《Fear》 《Mist Form》】
【Simple Identification】 【Human Form (Wonderful)】 【Subspace Inventory】
【Evil Lord】

(TL: Kanji: maō | Furigana (pronounciation): ebiru rōdo | Not sure why ph.D translated as "Dark Lady" in ch. 51)

The magic level has also risen by about 20,000, even if you crush one city, the rise is still small.

More than 100,000 people should have lived in that city. That said, this rise has not increased by even 1 point per person.

Even when I was a low-rank demon, from what I remember, rank was rising slowly from catapillars, so people with low power levels would have hardly risen it.

If you aim to be a strong person, the stronger they are, the better.

And if possible very evil people are good. The worse you are, something... It smelled delicious.

I became a real demon with class 【Arch Demon】 finally. (TL: Kanji: dai akuma | Furigana (pronounciation): ākudēmon | unlike Akuma Koujo, akuma = demon and ma = evil, not akuma = devil / ma = demon) The level is now 10, but how far does this level go up?

Because the level has risen by the number of reincarned saplings, is it up to 100? The destination is a long ways away.

That aside, I'm more concerned that I got a strange title.

【Evil Lord】... What is this?

I'm worried and try to see with appraisal, writing is displayed accross to it.

【Evil Lord】

・Called 『evil』 by most of the intelligent life forms in the world. It may be a threat.

・An existance called 『Quasi Evil Lord class』depending on the threat level.

...It's a rough explaination, but because I destroyed the people's city, from people's perspective, it is something that was recognized like that.

I thought it was Evil Lord because I am a demon, but It seems to be particularly irrelevant. The effect of translation is weird, but if not Evil Lord but God of Destruction or Demon King, they feel fine.

With that 『Quasi Evil Lord class』? Such a things also exists.

Ponyon. (TL: sound of slime)


As I breathed and sat down at the root of the world tree, Tama-chan climbed onto my shoulder, and Pan-kun got on my knee and gave me a banana.

Thank you. But where does this banana always come from?

Meh, whatever. Let's go to destroy the next sapling again after a little rest. I think that this time the people will not be careless, but If there's strong people, I want them to bring out more for pounding.

Certainly somewhere there is a 【Hero】, right?


In a short period of time, the five nations of the small continents in the southern hemisphere had their 【Sapplings】 destroyed.

A shock strikes all over the world because two of them were big powers, and because 150,000 residents of the city were sacrificed during the last Battle of Sondize. The kings of the remaining thirty great powers will therefore have a communication conference for the consequences of what the rabbit beastman did wrong to the world, and acknowledged the [Evil Lord] as the enemy of the world vowing to unite their powers against it.

At the same time in the holy city Ayunu, the 【Temple】, in the name of 【Heroes】, comissioned three people from this world against the 【Evil lord】 to subjugate the White Bunny. (TL: white bunny written in English)

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