Chapter 53: New Ability

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「Evil Lord invasion!!」

In the news from the magic communication with neighboring country Kannoufu, the man who is the viceroy of Cantite lifts his eyes, as a cup of rum, which is a valuable item these days, has fallen on the floor.

「Ridiculus... Why does the rabbit come here!? I feel sorry for that place!!」

The other day... After the allegory of the five neighboring countries were eliminated in quick succession, it has not been even a week yet.

As a result, large powers across the whole world felt an impending crisis and were talking for the purpose of recognizing the rabbit beastman as the 【Evil Lord】.

Official 【Evil Lord recognition】, if the history is understood, it's the first time since hundreds of years ago when there were only half the countries in the world. At that time, in collaboration with elves, dwarves and other demi-humans, the 【Wicked dragon】was reckognized as a 【calamity grade】 threat and defeated, it seems, but in most countries of human settlements, it is supposed to be defeated only by humans. (TL: not sure if human/human-settlement is the right translation here for hito-zoku 人族, but it best fits context throughout this chapter)

In those days two【heroes】travelled away from the central continent, and each founded nations on the western and eastern continents spreading human settlements around the world.

And in the current world, there are three 【heroes】.

As long as you have a hero, you can defeat it. Many people think so, and they were never pessimistic about being in the presence of the evil lord. The nations of humans started preparing for the evil lord, and among the small continents affected last time, and even Kannoufu and Cantite who did not suffer from militia withdrawal, not only militias and soldiers but also adventurers were actively hired to take countermeasures.

However, no matter if it is a big country that can afford it, small countries can not always keep alert. Mobilizing the militia will lower productivity. To hire a high rank adventurer, it costs several times more money than soldiers.

So in a small country, to each foreign minister the 【temple】 sends 『The prediction of the appearance of the Evil Lord』 which they have no choice but to rely on. According to it, areas with high probability that the evil lord will appear next seem to be the eastern central continent or the Seibu northern continent.

Even in such a region, it is about 40% probability at most. The probability of this small continent group being destroyed is less than 10%, and the viceroy cannot withdraw militia forever, they must return to normal daily life.

In an area where the probability was low, the neighboring country Kannoufu was attacked by the Evil Lord.

「Your Majesty, soon we can rescue Kannoufu!」

Following the words of the commander who is about to leave, the complexion of the viceroy becomes worse.

「Wa, Wait, until the number of soldiers is enough! First of all, check the situation.」

「Your Majesty...」

Among the nations that survived in this area, there is a connection among the nobles, so emotionally I can understand the thoughts of the commander, but it takes two days in preparation to send out soldiers here even if you use the magic train, and it does not seem able to endure a whole two days because it is such a distance. (TL: train runs out of magic without sapling)

What was found out in the exchanges between the civil servants by the magical communication, the surveillance target was a demi-human, so magic consumption was changed from the anti-magic barrier to the large anti-magic barrier, so as a result, the Evil Lord should not easily invade the capital city. That 【Evil Lord】 had covered the whole capital with cryogenic mist. For Cantite as well, there are not enough soldiers to fight back because they have returning militias in Kannoufu, but at present, even indoor water supply and drainage facilities endure in the freezing cold city, and it was said that urgent relief is needed.

「Is it in time...?」

「Whether it's in time or not, humanitarian support...」

「If it falls to our country then...」

「You don't have to worry anymore.」

Starting an uproar with such words to the publicists and nobles, with brown hair and likewise brown eyes, it was a simple-looking, lovely maid girl.

The nobleman's behavior looks like they're in their early teens, don't you think? No one noticed where I was from, and the chief of the army suddenly got into the meeting standing up with a frustrated face.

「You little girl dare to interrupt to an adult's discussion! Take her out!」

A few soldiers approach the voice, but the moment they roughly grabbed the girl maid's arms, movements stopped as if they were frozen.

No, they were freezing in reality. The soldiers dyed white in an instant in front of the people shaking themselves in the atmosphere where the spring weather suddenly turned to cold. Then the girl's hair and maid's clothes melted and become a little slime, and the girl's figure changed into a red dress with crimson hair, becoming an even more fearful figure now.

「...Evil Lord...?」

In the silence, the voice of the despairing viceroy spilled out, and the castle of people affected by the extremely cold mist that swept over were freezing up without understanding what it meant.


『--Evil Lord-sama, how is your success?--』

As a voice flows from the magic communication machine, in the room where there were no living people, I glanced at it with my eyes.

「Thank you for your cooperation, but I am not going to stand over you.」

『--Of course, we do not mind. We just never want to commit a "mistake" again--』

That alone ends the conversation, so Pan-kun, who was operating a communicator, and Tama-chan, who was disguising me, return to their positions on my waist and shoulder.

「Good work」



Because I was certified as an 【Evil Lord】, security became strict, and I could no longer freely invade the human countries.

At first, I was thinking of starting a chicken race, which will freeze from the outside and die or rescue will come out as 【scheduled】, but there were people who came in contact with me.

Well, they didn't find me, but Pan-kun found those who were desperately searching for me.

They are demi-human. It was a gathering of beasts and elves who were not yet captured by a human settlement or were able to flee well.

I received guidance from them and broke into the city, and thanks to the disguise, I went into the castle without any suspicion, dealt with the witnesses, and destroyed the 【Sapling】 of Cantite.

Of course, Kannoufu's sappling has already been destroyed. The ones who talked with the people of this country until recently are the elves who can move the communication equipment with their own magic.

The leader of the demi-humans, an elf of prime age, said 『mistakes』. He may be an elf who has lived for many years, so maybe he knows how humans settlements and his bretheren have lived.

The mistake is... Did they allow human settlements to infest sapplings?... Well, does it matter? If somebody walks the same way as the Human Settlements again, I will just crush it again.

More than that, the guidance of the demi-humans was helpful, but what was more effective was the effect of the 【disguise】.

I have not been able to develop disguise or such skills for myself. Skills have grown from the two who are my kin.

【Tama】 【Class: Jelly Slime】 【Demon Shedy's Kin】
【Magic Level: 10/10】 【Physical Level: 10/10】
【Total Power Level: 10】
【Special Skills: Laundry ・ Cleaning ・ Clothing】

【Pan-kun】 【Class: Monotone Monkey】 【Demon Shedy's Kin】
【Magic Level: 20/20】 【Physical Level: 20/20】
【Total Power Level: 20】
【Special skills: Make-up-san ・ Banana】

Now, from where to go? (not sure if ツッコ is "to go" in English or short for tsukkomi (ツッコミ) comedy straightman)

The skill that Tama-chan developed was 【Clothing】. Apparently this spreads thinly to wrap me up, like a 【clothing mimicry】 ability.

...I didn't care much, but I don't wear different clothes very much. The result seems like Tama-chan cares more than me. I have less femininity than Tama-chan.

The great part of this is a single set with a wig that hides the rabbit's ears well. Still my face does not change, and because the color of the eyes are the same, it is noticeable to the trained eye, but that is gone with Pan-kun's skill.

Skill 【Make-up-san】... I do not know why "-san" is attached, but thanks to Pan-kun's skill, I was able to change the color and impression of the eyes a little. Besides, it corrects Tama-chan's imitation to a natural state. It's amazing. Both are great. While making up for my variety and lacking self, I accidentally turned it on for about an hour.

Rather than choosing the next attack spot myself, there is almost no ambush when these two choose.

The players were there this time, but the number was small. Rather than being few, it's probably because they have stopped actively fighting with me since the last one.

Did they notice the difference in power level? They took a photo shoot with smiles while holding up their weapons, then left with joy and rising cheers when it was done.

Is that a true gamer? It is a creature that I can not understand.

『Where shall we go next?』

When I open the world map and ask the two for the next country to visit, the two show unusually troubling behavior. Maybe security is strict around the world?

『If so, tell me where it would be interesting.』

When I asked if it was possible to do sightseeing as well as reconnaissance because it became possible to disguise a lot, they pointed to the continent in the middle east.

Touran Empire, It's a country that looks subtly bothersome from the name.

And... So I will meet a certain person.