Chapter 55: Hero of the Strongest Sword ②

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As a result of obtaining humanization (wonderful) and continuing to evolve, my body, which traced my original malnurised and small self, grew quickly, and now my height is about 155 cm, and I look like a junior high school student. (TL: "trace" in English)

Certainly I can not believe that I look like this even though I'm 11 years old...

「But won't I be 12 years old soon?」

「That's right, that's right.」

「In about half a year later?」

「Yeah, you are not a normal child!」

No way, do you want me to be a child or do you want me to be an adult, which one is it?

This person was the man with the high magic and strong presence I had felt. He looks to be in the middle of his thirties, has short black hair with a golden eyes, a large and dirty uncle. When I first saw him, I tried to identify him in a hurry, but It was somehow blocked by something, and I could not well determine his power level.

Do you have an item of mental impairment that suppresses one's presence like myself, or something other than the person's own abilites... are you receiving protection?

Other than that, I was interested in meeting strong people, but I did not understand well that suddenly I would be preached to. It feels bothersome, and it would be better not to be concerned so much.

「Well-then-thank-you-very-much.」 (TL: written in only katakana: so she just sounds out the words without meaning, like reading off a prompt without thinking.)

「Wait a minute.」 (TL: chotto matte)

Even If I say something appropriate and leave, I am likely to be grasped from behind, so I hesitate and guard.

「Oh, good reflexes. You can be a good adventurer in the future.」

「...But (the settings say) I am an adventurer.」

He seems like a good person though his looks are scary, but I feel like, humans from another world, I somehow don't want to be on the same side.

「The back alley is so, but it is dangerous for a young girl to be in crowds of people. Let me go along with you to the adventurer guild.」


「A little girl like you should not hold back. I have never seen your face before, so is it your first time in this city? Well, there is nothing to worry about. Because I'm going there too.」



Pan-kun tapped my shoulder and gestured something like I should let him guide me.

Just because I personally dislike this, because he is definitely a good person, it is certainly not a good idea to make trouble here.

「I am Gold. Nice to meet ya!」


「This is a good country. People are lively and full of smiles.」

「Sure is, isn't it.」

While being guided to the adventurer guild, Gold was guiding me in various ways for my first time in this city.

Here and there stood statues of the first generation Hero. A fountain made using magic spouts water infinitely.

Just walking around the city, various people called to him and he responds with a smile.

「Evil threatening such a peaceful country... an 【Evil Lord】 has appeared. What it is thinking destroying the world tree's sapplings, I can not understand why it tries to threaten the peace, but I will never forgive it.」

Gold walks with resentment while clenching his fist.

After all, for the human settlements of this world, world peace = happiness of humans, nothing else.

「...Maybe there is an unknown reason?」

「There is not. Look at it, Shedy. I do not believe there is anything more important to protect than the smiles of these people.」

「...yeah, right.」

Are you really seeing it? Beyond the smiles of people, the skin and bones dead-looking face on a thin dwarf, can you not see him waving a hammer in a smithy without any expression? Can you not see the female beastman who has been dancing practically naked all the time?


Is it something to protect... Well, the things to protect differ from person to person.

When we enter into the adventurer guild which is fairly close by, the gazes of the adventurers gathered on us.

I thought for a moment that only doubtful eyes would be turned towards me, but I realized because I was with Gold, most of the gazes were positive instead.

「That's the reception. If you give them my name, you can get a good request for beginners. I'm still here because I have a special request.」

「Special request?」

Gold, who finally recognized me as a child, brought his face closer as if to have a secret talk with a little child.

「Keep secrets? There is a huge wasteland between the Touran Empire and the Republic of Swainich in the South, but it seems that the subordinates of the 【Quasi Evil Lord Class】 Troll King who had lived there a long time ago appeared near the highway. Some of the adventurers rested there, and trolls came up to the highway and began attacking their carriage.」


「Ah, those guys. They are increasing recently from the 【temple】 and being deceived, that bunch.」

Following the gaze of Gold, I turned my eyes, and at the table in the corner of the adventurer guild, several young adventurers with narrow shoulders were hanging out.

Those guys... were players. In other countries, it seems that there is a powerful temple, but in this country that believes in the hero, their influential voice is not so strong. The players who have done various things in such areas are dissatisfied with being sneered at by other adventurers.

「Right there, Shedy. That bunch aren't worth fussing about.」

「Yup.」 (TL: Un~)

Gold said that and proceeded to the back of the building with the guidance of the receptionist.

I did not think that the 【Quasi Evil Lord】 which was explained in my title of 【Evil Lord】 would come out like this.

Certainly it was a Troll King? I do not know how much power a Quasi Evil Lord has, but because Gold is said it was a special request, it is a considerable threat to the human city.

『...It is stupid.』


With my ears, I aimed my fine senses and heard the voices of the players.

I was wondering why the players who are supposed to play as games are still staying in this country, so I could hear some interesting stories when I aimed my senses a little.

『Nah, Kaji. Give up already. It's too many for us to kill.』

『Stupid right, this is so stupid, we could go to other countries.』

『You can say that again. Don't the top kind of trolls have a power level of 3000. You need ten people to defeat them.』

『I don't know what this country's hero is or what he preaches to others. Somehow, to see it with my eyes, do it!』

『What? More MPK, are you doing it? Gyahaha.』

I see. The trolls interfering for a while called them together, are they heroes in this country? Like people being preached to for revenge on the trolls and upholding one's honor, an umatched enemy holding them back seems to have changed their direction. (TL: not 100% on this line's translation. Ashi o hipparu (足を引っ張る) literally "pulling a leg" means "holding one back")

Everyone's power level is around 1500 but they know that revenge seems unreasonable... but I feel like I heard that Kaji somewhere, but who was it?

MPK is... certainly an act of bringing in monsters and pass them off onto someone... That I heard in a short course before coming to this world.

Is there no self-consciousness for misbehavior, although they hear quite a bit of remarks normally, but are outsider adventurers really fooling them, but hearing struggles and nonsense of children, you would ignore it. (TL: pretty sure "them" refers to the normal adventurers of this world.)

Well, if something is going to be done in earnest, someone will tip-off the guild, but if it's these people, I wonder what will happen?

If you are detained for a long time for criminal activity, do you delete the character? If so..., it's fine if I help get rid of them, right?

「Hey.」 (TL: Nee~)

「Ah? What is it?」

As I approached gently and called out, the player called Kaji raised his face in a manner like a thug.

To such men, I smiled such an unpracticed smile and gently whispered.

There's an interesting story, but... not interested? (TL: changed "not riding" to "not interested")

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