Why is it named "Trashlation"?
My Japanese vocabulary sucks, and I only know like 5 Kanji (Thanks, Duolingo). About 50% of the translation is Google Translate (English and Romaji conversion), 25% is JMDict (base word or Kanji meaning and idiom/common phrases conversion), and the final 25% is my own editing/grammar corrections. Despite this, I'm also pretty slow with total time spent for translating, formatting, and editting taking about 1 hour per 1000 source characters.
Why aren't you using Wordpress, Blogger, or other pre-made website?
I don't want to deal with ads and am learning web development for work and hobby.
Could you translate X?
Maybe, but probably not. Send me an email, and I'll at least look at it.
What type of series is your favorite?
I like non-harem fantasy the most.
What series are you currently considering picking up?
I feel like picking up series if:
  • I am currently reading it and the translator goes on hiatus.
  • I have read the most recently translated manga/light-novel chapter and want to keep going.
  • The story or concept interests me, and chapters are short.
Some series that I am currently considering are:
Do you have a donations link?
No, not at the moment.