Freshman Arc ⑱ -Rain Forest territory- Part 1/2

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The next day I hugged goodbye Mother Kou-san (Kou-okaasan) and then I was absorbed in the carriage that Cain-sama prepared.

Pardon me, and thank you for your help! (TN: Sumimasen, osewa ni narimasu!)

It was a formation where a carriage carrying me, Alain, and Cain while escort knights who were riding horses around us would run side by side.

As we depart early in the morning, Cain-sama who is weak in the morning looks extremely sleepy.

The other one, Alan was fine as usual. Rather, he is more fine than usual. A dreadful conversation is coming. A sense of unrest comes through.

He must be so happy that he can go home, good for him.

「Speaking of which, Ryou doesn't know of Ciara?」 (TN: The new name is Chīra (チーラ), but considering her family's names, I changed it to something European. Was torn between Sheila (shee-luh) or Ciara (keer-ah), both of Irish origin. Went with Ciara due to closeness in spelling. I might have to change it back to Chira (a Japanese name) if name origin becomes important later.)

For when we return to Rainforest, Alan continued talking about doing this and doing that, and suddenly remembered and asked something.

Um? Ciara?

「Ciara? This is the first time I've heard of them.」

「She's my little sister.」

「Eeeh!? Did you have a sister??」

「Yes! She's my henchman!」

Having said that, Alan smiled proudly. I think it's not good to treat your sister as a henchman for the time being.

I mean, really, a sister. Congratulations to Irene-san! (TN: I changed Airin (Alan and Cain's mother) to Irene, Eileen could also work, but Irene has more similar spelling to Airin.)

because certainly the husband who was working abroad was coming back, maybe things there were heating up.

I was thinking (fumu~ fumu~) and thought that the most important rituals are necessary for the living things to thrive, meanwhile young master Cain (Cain bouchama) who slept until a while ago woke up with a gaba~ sound effect.

「Talk about Ciara!? I see, Ryou has never met Ciara! She's a very cute girl! Should be 2 years old now. I could not talk about it when we first reunited, but now I think we can talk!」

Oh, oh.

Weak to the morning, young master Cain, who had again been sleeping in the carriage until a while ago, suddenly raised the "tension" and mixed in with the talk. ("tension" in English)

She's pretty cute, right. Even such a bratty Alan was cute, so the sister would be cute.

「Well then, I can see Ciara too when we get to Rainforest. I'm looking forward to it.」

Then I listened to the story of Rainforest after I left, focusing on the story of Ciara.

It seems that Ciara-chan is probably a magician.

From Claude-san's company with the spread of the spinning wheel, weaving loom, and the production of textile products, I have a good feeling that he has hired many employees or such.

Irene-san and her husband Kaidin-san seem embarrassingly lovey-dovey.

Sniffing (fuun~ fuun~) around and peeping, I heard about the current situation from Alan and others, and I was looking forward to the Rainforest house after such a long time.

The trip is pretty good, and there were no attacks by demons, nor chased by beasts, nor being attacked by thieves. It was calm.

If there was a town nearby, we relaxed at a hotel, but camping was okay as well. Food was basically just portable food, and it felt dried out.

Basically, I have been in a carriage for a long time, so my back and buttocks hurt.

I mean, I got bored a little more than anything esle...

A few days after I left, surprisingly, it was Cain-sama who made the first sound on this monotonous journey.

「I am sorry, but can you lend me a horse? The carriage has become a little tiring.」

He frankly told the nearby knights, and it was decided to exchange places with the escort knights.

「Forgive me. Usually I move my body at school, so it seems like this doesn't suit me.」

Cain-sama got off the carriage while saying that.

Cain-sama usually, because he is training his body every day as a knight, even if you stay at a hotel or go camping, you may feel unpleasant if you do not move, always with something like swinging-practice or exchanging blows with the other escort knights.

Surprisingly, Alan also participates in the sparing. It seems that the swordsmanship he started when we first met was still ongoing.

Cain-sama got off the carriage and splendidly straddled the horse the knight was riding. In the knight department, they train not only swordsmanship but also horsemanship. The difference in excellence and rumours of the riding figure of Cain-sama was amazing.

I mean, I'm envious! I want to ride a horse too! I too am tired of the carriage. Even I can ride horses! My bandit upbringing was full of horse-ridding!

「Ca, Cain-sama! Me too, I also want to ride a horse!」

I asked Cain-sama just after riding on the horse of the escort knight.

At first Cain-sama was a little surprised, but he said 「Okay」 and stretched his hand toward me with his usual smile.

Ah, Cain-sama has misunderstood. He probably thinks that I can not ride a horse alone. He thinks I want to ride the same horse.

Is it wrong, that I don't want to share it. I want to ride alone.

While I was looking at Cain-sama's hand wondering what to do, there was a hand other than my own somehow.

Eeeh? As I thought, it was Alan when I confirmed the person who took Cain-sama's hand.

「Oh, I will ride! Brother Cain-sama (Cain-niisama), I will ride!」

Until a while ago Alan said, 『I don't like it because I don't know what the horse is thinking!』 Even though he was saying something grumbling (butsu~ butsu~), after all he had some kind of interested in horses.

「Ah, in that case, Cain-sama should ride with Alan.」

Fortunately taking advantage of the situation, I recommended Alan by all means (dozo~ dozo~) should share with Cain-sama.

In front of Cain-sama, Alan straddles the horse. It seemed like he wasn't used to riding a horse so much, and it looked like he had a disheartened face from the view up high.

「Um, I want to ride a horse by myself, but could you lend a horse to me?」

When I confirmed that they were riding on the horse as siblings together, and I proposed it, Cain-sama had a very bitter face.

「No, that won't do. I cannot allow a girl to ride alone as it is too dangerous.」

From that statement, that's why my proposal was rejected.

What the hell.

Well, certainly I'm a secluded (TN: Shinsō no go (深窓のご): deeply with the window) young woman and would be straddling a horse by herself! It may not be good to do so. A secluded lady, huh.

I was encouraged to ride with another escort knight, but I couldn't feel like taking a two-seat ride, so I refused and quietly road the horse-drawn carriage while I enjoyed watching with a sidelong glance at the brothers' kind relationship while riding next to me.

Let's give up on a single-seat horse ride this time. It is about time to camp, in a bit I could secretly take an escort's horse without permission.

After a while, Alan, who was riding a horse, returned to the carriage. His thighs seem worn-out.

「Was it was fun?」

I asked for the impression of riding for Alan, who was tired or a bit nervous.

「It was not as bad as I thought. But after all I do not like horses. I don't know what the horse is thinking about. But I think brother Cain-sama who rode the horse was cool... Ryou also thought so?」

Suddenly, his pride for his older brother began.

It's like he's asking for something here a bit like, your brother looks cool! It would be better to increase Alan's mood by talking together about that feeling. Besides, Cain-sama really was cool.

「That's right, yes. It looked cool, right.」

「Then, I will also learn horsemanship!」

Even though we talked together, more and more Alan became grouchy and proclaimed such. He is a difficult child.

It's about the age you really like your brother, but he manages to do anything. There may be burning a sense of rivalry to a well-balanced brother.

It would be difficult to have an older brother who was too good! But in the end, Cain-sama is a man with the title of "follower" since he was an eight-year-old!

I secretly sent my mind's thoughts toward Alan.

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