Freshman Arc ⑱ -Rain Forest territory- Part 2/2

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The carriage journey to Rainforest territory was blessed with good weather and arrived safely.

While I was traveling, I really wanted to eat fresh meat, secretly borrowed a horse, and shot and killed with a bow and arrow a bird that Alan saw from where we stood, and I was also annoyed by Alan, but basically I enjoyed a peaceful trip.

「Oh (Maa~)! Ryou! You are truly healthy, huh! That's great!」

Irene-san, who met me in front of the entrance, looked at me and said that while hugging me.

「Thank you for your concern.」

I also say so and hug back.

「It's fine if you're safe. Elder brother-sama (Onii-sama) was also worried. I'm staying in a mansion now because Ryou was coming.」

Saying so, Irene-san guided me into the mansion.

Claude-san is basically at his own company but he seems to be coming here because his nephews and I came back.

First of all, I decided to borrow the bath to clean my dirty clothes and body after a long trip. I used to use a washing place for servants before, but now I'm treated as a guest, so I borrowed Irene-san's bath. Irene-san's bath has evolved over time, and a new hut has been built near the well, and a water channel has been set up to allow the well's water to flow directly to the bath pot. A kiln for burning stones is also set nearby.

It became convenient while I was gone for a while!

When I was refreshed in the bath, Irene-san planned for me to wear Irene's old dress.

It's a pale green dress. The skirt part seems to be made of silk and has a smooth luster. A dark green ribbon is attached to the chest.

...Aren't I pretty cute!

I asked the maid Stella-san, who I haven't met in a long time, to pretty up my hair and it's almost like a count's daughter!

No, well, but in fact I really am a count's daughter.

At Rubyfallen, there was too much comotion that I didn't have much time to wear such clothes at Bashu-san's place, so it was fresh.

「Ryou-sama became beautiful whle I could not see you for a while.」

From Stella-san's hands, looking at my extreme "before-after", Stella-san spoke to me in a manner like a follower. (TN: before-after in English)

「Thank you very much. That said, Stella-san, please treat me the same as before, as Ryou. This feels strange.」

「No! Ryou-sama is already a count's daughter. You can not be called that way. For everything, distinction is important. You understand, right, Ryou-sama.」

「Ah, u-understood.」

I could only reply to Stella-san's threatening look.

My name is called with -sama, but somehow, I cannot go against Stella-san because she was my boss.

It was decided I was dressed up beautifully and moved to into a room like a guest room. There, it seems that Alan and Cain-sama, who are already dressed, wait while drinking afternoon tea. Claude-san may be on his way.

Guided by Stella-san into the guest room, there were the Rainforest brothers having a chat with a cup of tea. They both look at me with an astonished look when I entered the room.

What can I say, today I am not the usual Ryou-chan. Perhaps they're surprised at my state of "dress". (TN: dress in English)

Well? Well? Adorable? Cute? (TN: dou? dou? kawaii? (kanji) kawaii? (hiragana))

I casually "pose" what I think are the most cute facial expression and best "style". (TN: pose and style in English)

Cain-sama was the first to respond.

「Ryou! You look different! Usually Ryou is cute, but today Ryou is more beautiful, huh. Ryou's golden hair shines on the pale green dress, looking like a pretty flower blooming in the field. But please, Ryou, don't go outside in that figure. If the other flowers see Ryou bloom more beautifully than themselves, they may become embarrassed and wilt.」

「Ah, uh, yes. Thank you, Cain-sama.」

As- as expected, it is a poem, huh! I was a bit embarrassed because I was complimented for a longer time than I thought. I think that the flowers will not wither in shame because of the rhetoric.

I was praised more than expected, rather it was too much praise, so I did not get the feeling of being complimented, so I turned to the next target, Alan.

However, Alan still looked surprised looking at me with a goofy face. As expected, it's too surprising for him. Even though school uniforms were dress-like, so it didn't change much, right. Well, certainly though my hair was done up.

Even now Alan was paralyzed and hasn't made any voice yet, so I decided to speak with confidense. (TN: manwojishite hanashikakeru (満を持して話しかける): start speaking while full)

「Alan, how is it?」


「So, this appearance of mine.」

Then, I picked up the dress.

「Ah, yup... isn't it alright?」

Alan dropped his gaze and said so in a low voice.

That's not it! I hoped you'd give me more praise! Unsophisticated child!

As I was thinking that, I probably had a dissatisfied look on my face. Seeing my face, Alan suddenly looked like his eyes were swimming and looked away from where Cain-sama was.

Then, he turned his eyes back to me.

「I think it's Ryou's fault that the flowers will wither!」

Quit it! What do you mean!? Don't blame me for the flowers withering! That's the law of nature!

You can't say anything to satisfy a "lady", the henchman has a long way to go, huh. I'm worried for your future.

As I felt pain in my head imagining the henchman who was having trouble understanding how to treat a young woman when he reaches marriagable age, Claude-san came to the room.

「Ryou! You're really back! I missed you!」

Claude-san said that and gives me a reunion hug.

For a moment I thought, lolicon... but I think that this was a moving hug for me whom he has not seen for a long time, and I decided to return the reunion hug with Claude-san.


Character introduction

Ryou = Rubyfallen (TN: I beleive author is using = as placeholder for undecided middle name or peerage (like "von"))
Main character of this work
Currently 10 years old
Adopted daughter of Rubyfallen Count family (originally born as the daughter of a peasant, village farmer).
Previous life was a high-spec Japanese high school girl.
The "complex" that she has had since her previous life has caused mental instability, but in volume two she is getting a bit calmer (should be). 
However, because of the strong desire for approval originally, she likes to be praised by people. Sometimes she works hard to be praised, sometimes compelled if it may result in praise, and prefers simplicity to poem-like compliments. She can not use magic.
Called: Ryou, Ryou-sama, Ryou-chan, Heaven's Angel-sama (TN: tenjō no o tsukai-sama (天上の御使い様))

Alan = Rainforest
Currently 10 years old
Young master, son of a Count. Although an elite able to use magic, he was a bratty kid, but he became a henchman of the main character, and after an increase in time with his mother, he develops an honest side. The original character is obstinate and strong-willed. But because he is honest, his feelings are a straight line (not complex). Therefore he becomes a stalker of the main characer for a while.
Seen from the outside, he is supposed to be a sorcerer, a prestigous nobleman with good looks and high spec setting, but since disappointing actions stand out, from the surrounding he stands out at a glance.
He loves his brother who also acted as his parent for a while. Brocon. In the second volume, while aspiring toward his brother, he is at a complicated age with a desire not to lose.
Called: Alan, Alan-sama, henchman, brat, stalker

Cain = Rainforest
Currently 13 years old
Young master, son of a Count, but not a magician. He has been taking care of Alan since he was a child, and he had already looked ahead when he was 8 years old. He is good at swordsmanship and is said to be a genius in the school's knight department. A handsome guy who is kind and passionate. The brother, Alan, who is a magician, gives him a complex feeling, but he is still able to love him because he is a family member. Because of his father's influence, his behavior is poetic. A "follower" who always pays attention and always following. Because he is a person who was able to do too much, he is actually one of the people the main characer respects. It seems that he is getting along with King Henry's son.
Called: Cain, Young Master Cain (Cain-bouchama), Cain-sama, Elder Brother-sama (Onii-sama), Follower, Poet

Claude = Rainforest
33 years old (adequate)
Rainforest's man of commerce. Irene's big brother (ani (兄)).
After a long trip in search of a child who invented tools, he buys the main characer. Because the main characer was excellent beyond expectations, he sought the main character for marriage to become his bride, but then the main character was kidnapped by bandits.
He can think quickly, and he has foresight and is quite capable as a merchant. He is sometimes too optimistic, so sometimes he makes a blunder (TN: doji o fumu (ドジを踏む): blunder is stepped). There is a suspicion of being a lolicon, but the suspect denies it. In order to look for the captive main character, he bought three women to work as shopkeeper employees. According to the person, he said that he did not feel guilty because their eyes met and he felt sorry, but most people, including Irene-san, do not believe it.
Called: Claude-san, Claude-sama, Uncle Claude-sama, Elder Brother Claude-san (Claud-oniisan), Lolicon, Pervert (hentai)

Irene = Rainforest
Rainforest Count family female Feudal Lord
Alan and Cain's mother
For a while there was a lack of magicians, she was forced to work, and I couldn't spend time with her family, but thanks to the main character, she could now afford it. Because of that, she is friendly to the main characer. As she didn't want the main character to be taken to Claude-san's company, she tried but fails to buy her (Ryou).
Her character is strong-willed but honest and thinks in a straight line (not complex). Therefore, when the work was hard, she became a "black" corporation warrior. In volume 2, a new sister is born, and she has more time to live because her husband came back, so she should have a feminine, gentle side coming out.

Kadin = Rainforest (TN: might change his first name, literal is Kaadiin (カーディーン))
Rainforest Count family head, Irene-san's husband
Alan and Cain's father.
The previous king's child. One of the current king's half brothers.
Because he can not use magic, he mainly helps with territory management mainly in administrative work. He once lived in the royal capital for a while, but he returned about four years ago.
Gentle character, feminist. The owner of a handsome face (TN: sweet mask) to make Irene-san fall madly in love (mero~ mero~) with poetic lines.

Rainforest Count family wife's personal maid
She is expressionless like a sculpture but beautiful. Able to do most work and being "powerful", she was able to work for the Rainforest "black" company without collapsing. There is a bit of a love of cleanliness, and she won't meet eyes with a slightly dirty person. (TN: to wa me o awasanai (とは目をあわさない): does not hesitate eyes on)

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